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    Pressure tests

    flangePressure test are mostly performed on isolated equipment and performed on the nominal pressure.

  • Helium Leak Detection

    Why Helium

    A Helium leak can be found during production. We use helium as a tracer gas because of its low concentration in the air, his molecular behavior of being the smallest atom after hydrogen without explosion risk and the fact that it is a inert gas, so there are no reactions with any medium what so ever. In short, the perfect tracer and easy to detect.

    Vacuum systems

    Vacuum systems are very easy to inspect. Leakage are quickly found. After sealing the efficiency of the whole system increases and in some cases even the quality of the product.

    Pressure systems

    Pressure testing of a vessels gives an idea about his leak rate. Pressure testing of a whole production plant can help to start up in one try. Often a production plant starts up after a shutdown in several steps, just because leakage are detected along the startup procedure.

    By-pass system

    With this tool we can determine leakages in liquids with Helium as a tracer, so we have the capabilities to find these leakages during production.

    Leak Sealing

    The leakages found by our customers or after a leak detection session can be sealed in different ways. We can build an enclose around this leak with a premould filling or we can inject a compound. This depends on the kind of product (steam, water, acid,�), the temperature and the pressure. These enclosures can be made within 24h after measuring the surroundings and with a strength calculation according to the applicable specification and standards.

    With this intervention, the production can continue without any danger and the final repair can be delayed until the next planned shutdown

    flange flange flange

    Pop & Plug tubing

    If a tubular heat exchanger shows leakages, the leaking tubes can be plugged permanently.

    flange flange flange flange

    Hot Taps & Freezing

    When you need to put an additional measuring device but you don�t have a connection point. Depending on the media, with hot tapping of freezing, this additional point can be processed during production.

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