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    Flange facing

    flangeFlange facing is used for different applications. Whether it is applied to get the right surface finish for a perfect gasket or RTJ sealing, or to achieve the right flatness tolerances for mounting your gear or Bearing, On-Site-Machining is capable to machine flanges up to 6m (236”) in diameter with extremely narrow tolerances.

    With High Precision Laser equipment, we can measure the machined flatness and parallelism of tower based flanges. Comes in handy for windmill applications.

  • Internal machining


    Precise borings

    Holes and bores, in certain application require high precision tolerances to mount bushings, hinges or other mechanical items. We have the equipment and the skills to process these borings on your site.

    Turbine faces

    During overhauls of turbines in power plants or on other locations, internal machining is required. We can perform this task for you.

    Linear milling

    flangeFor alignment of machine beddings and foundations, installing a pump in a refinery or mounting winches on board of ships, linear milling is the required machining.

    We have the equipment and experience to mill surfaces with lengths up to 20m (60ft) in one setup. Overhauls or newly welded structures, they can be processed where ever you want on-site. Our laser outlining controls this whole operation and we continue until we have reached the desired flatness or tolerances.

    Shaft overhaul (welding & turning)

    flangeOften a shaft gets damaged during the production because of the fact the production must go on. To reduce downtime, On-site-machining is able to make this possible on-site. The damaged surface is freed out of his enclose, mostly a bearing housing. It is welded and machined to its original diameter all without a complete disassembly of this pump or other piece of machine on which it is functioning.

    In Line boring

    flangeIn-line boring, an essential operation in many applications can be serviced by our technicians. New installations are regularly processed at the constructors site or it can be a welded bore that needs to be renewed, in-line boring is one of our standard operations

    Grinding & honing

    flangeGrinding is a common application on huge cylinders. The surface in contact with the bearing rollers that makes them turn, are often damaged by corrosion. These cylinder guide surfaces are grinded during production in order to keep them running without any disruption.

    Drilling & Cutting threads

    flangeDrilling of holes may sound a very easy task. Nevertheless, it does seem not so easy to perform these operations on site, certainly not when we are talking about large boreholes. We can do this job for you with the highest precision that is required.

    In the same line, we can machine threads in these bores, again, according to the required specification. We can correct damaged threads or we can cut new one or even put a helicoil in the damaged construction.

    Above this, we are capable to drill and remove studs and bolts which are broken during the dismounting of a flange or plate.


    Other applications within our services regarding machining are the following. If you want more information, please contact us.

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We have a wide range of mobile machine tools. We will take on almost anything done in a workshop on-site, in accordance with the tolerances and quality and safety standards dictated by the customer.

To reinforce our team, we are still looking for:

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