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Ship industry



Oil Refineries


ASR BASF siemens bp danone
Scaldis DOW fabricom exon frieslanf
Jan De Nul totalpetrol stork total


Dredging borealis alstom esso umicroe
Deme totalfina

Power Plants
Nuclear/ Conventional

petrolplus ugine
Dewaal ineos EON

Gas Plants

Damen solvay electrabel gas dalkia
poa monsanto air yay
keppel       smulders

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phone Boomsesteenweg 604-606
   B 2610 Wilrijk

phone +323 830 72 70
phone +323 830 72 75

phone info@veltec-services.com

We have a wide range of mobile machine tools. We will take on almost anything done in a workshop on-site, in accordance with the tolerances and quality and safety standards dictated by the customer.

To reinforce our team, we are still looking for:

  • Motivated workers
  • Good knwledge of conventional machining, preferably several years of experience.
  • Prepared to work on different sites, eventually abroad.

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